Janiv Oron

© Marcos Pérez

Janiv Oron (*1975, IL/CH) is a media artist and DJ.

He is a member of Goldfinger Brothers, composer of experimental electronic music, performer and active in various formations. He received a master's degree in contemporary art practice, music and media art at the Bern University of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste Bern). He promotes an independent artistic attitude within the framework of collective and interdisciplinary working relationships. These experiments lead to creations of electronic music. Oron focuses on the development of timbre and texture, creating exquisite drones that give insight into his improvisational sensibility and delve deeply into the possibilities of modular synthesis. His sound is unique and constantly evolving, cosmic through and through. For a good twenty years, at home and abroad, at DJ battles, club nights, concerts, open airs and parades, but also over the airwaves. In a word, he launched several successful party series and also had his own show on Swiss radio SRF Virus. He tirelessly hunts down the listening experience of acousmatic music. Janiv Oron lives and works in Basel.