Jan Brandt

© Anika Büssemeier

Jan Brandt was born in Leer (East Frisia) in 1974. He studied history and literature in Cologne, London and Berlin and attended the German School of Journalism in Munich. His novel Gegen die Welt (DuMont 2011) was shortlisted for the German Book Prize and was awarded the Nicolas Born Debut Prize. DuMont also published Death in Turin (2015), City without Angels (2016), and The Magic Advent Calendar (2018). Brandt's book Ein Haus auf dem Land / Eine Wohnung in der Stadt (2019, also DuMont) describes processes of awareness that came to the author's mind while reflecting on his experiences, on the one hand, looking for an apartment in today's Berlin and, on the other, dealing with memory in the case of his great-grandfather's house, which was threatened with demolition.