Ipek Ipekcioglu

Ipek Ipekcioglu
© Christin Melis

Internationally successful Berlin/Istanbul based DJ & producer, curator Ipek Ipekcioglu is a respected institution in the global nightlife scene.

The queer-living Ipek is one of the most celebrated and versatile Djs of the Berlin club scene, known worldwide as the Queen of Eklektik BerlinIstan.
Inspired by her bicultural socialization and influences with her Eklektik BerlinIstan, Ipek has developed a brand that stands for unique and hybrid sound mixes: psychedelic Turkish funk meets disco, Balkan folk meets house, Kurdish halay meets electro, Turkish tango meets break beat, bhangra meets moombahton, Albanian pop meets twerk, Iranian folk meets techno, Anatolian folk songs meets deep-house.
Euphoric encounters and border crossings on the dance floor - without passport control and integration tests. Thereby Ipek enjoys playing with musical clichés and at the same time inspires with unknown insiders.

Besides DJing and producing, Ipek's work has a strong socio-critical focus. In various projects she deals with topics such as women, migration, racism, multiple discrimination and gender issues, among others, which she incorporates into her music. In all her work, the Turkish-born artist focuses on cultural and gender diversity and the opening of borders within different ethnic and electronic music scenes.
The socially critical active producer, DJ, activist and member of the female:pressure network is, among other things, patron of Aktion Courage - School against racism.
Ipek also owes the honor of the Berlin city magazine Zitty as one of the "most important cultural personalities of the capital" to this special mix and her activism. In 2018, she was awarded the Prize for Lesbian Visibility by the Berlin Senate.