© Franz Becker

Hoe_mies is a community space and hip hop party series that became one of the most popular hip hop parties in Berlin within a few months. What sets them apart is mainly their political approach to make the hip hop scene more inclusive, which is why they focus on female, non-binary and transgender acts.

They are both a platform for all those DJs and performers who are often excluded from the mainstream, and a party space that celebrates hip hop and other urban music genres and breaks down the male dominance in the scene. As a soundsystem, Hoe__mies consisting of Lúcia Lú and Meg10 have already played at Kosmonaut and CTM Festival this year, curated the Backyard stage at Splash!21, and won the Red Bull Music Culture Clash in October 2018, where their crew competed against three renowned producer and DJ teams from all over Germany.

Their sound moves between Trap, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Neoperreo, 90s & 2000s Classics, Rap-House, Jersey Club and much more.