Hannes Bajohr

© Yvonne Tenschert

Hannes Bajohr is an author as well as a philosopher and literary scholar. As an author, he writes digital conceptual literature and, together with Gregor Weichbrodt, is part of the text collective 0x0a, which has taken on the literary potential of a digital reality. Together they have, among other things, processed the Facebook posts of Pegida supporters into a long poem or used machine learning techniques to generate new poetry by Monika Rinck, Jan Wagner, Ann Cotten and Steffen Popp. Bajohr's poetry debut Halbzeug. Textverarbeitung was published in 2018, and he is currently working on a follow-up volume. As a scholar, he works on theories of the digital and digital literature, the history of 20th century philosophy, and the political theory of liberalism. He is also a translator of the work of Judith N. Shklar.

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