Donni Schoenemond

© Alexander Münch

Donni Schoenemond (*1984 as Dominik Alexander Meeth in the Volcanic Eifel) is a filmmaker and musician. Offside and aberrations are his favorite places. In his work he seeks the mythical in the typical, the utopian in the forbidden and the noble in the flawed.

He studied pop music design in Mannheim and then toured Europe and the world for 10 years with his DIY art rock band MY BABY WANTS TO EAT YOUR PUSSY - without ever making the big breakthrough.
Between backstage couch and 9er armchair he trained himself as a self-taught filmmaker, documented, experimented and produced countless short formats: Music videos, short films, shows, live visuals, commercials.

In 2013, after the end of the band, he deepens the work as a filmmaker, celebrates his cinema debut with the documentary Niemandsland.