Aurélie Maurin

© Graham Hains

Aurélie Maurin directs the TOLEDO program of the German Translator Fund, for which she initiated the series Journals, Cities of Translators, Toledo Talks, and the poetry translators' meeting JUNIVERS. In 2021 she took over - together with Ulf Stolterfoht - the artistic direction of the Lyrikertreffen in Münster. The foundation of her work has always been her love of translation: as a curator (for Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Haus für Poesie, among others), as a poetry translator (of Thomas Brasch and Christian Prigent, among others), and as co-editor of the poetry series VERSschmuggel at the publishing house Das Wunderhorn. She was also a spokesperson for the Coalition of the Free Scene Berlin for Literature and a juror for the Berlin Senate's working grants for literature and for the City Tax cultural funds.