Ata Canani

© Frederike Wetzels

A prodigy on the bağlama (saz), Ata Canani single-handedly invented Turkish rock'n'roll in the late 1970s, singing in German and reflecting the discrimination and harsh living conditions of Turkish "guest workers" in socially critical songs.

Ata was also a longtime member of the influential band Die Kanaken, which included Anadolu Rock creator Cem Karaca, then living in exile in Cologne.

After years of relative obscurity, Ata was catapulted back into the spotlight of the music-loving public in 2013 when his song Deutsche Freunde was one of the standout tracks on Trikont's landmark compilation Songs of Gastarbeiter. Following the hit single Alle Menschen, which has become a standard at some hip parties in Berlin, Ata's debut album Warte mein Land, warte was released in May 2021 on Fun in the Church.

Ata performs at Hülshoff Castle as part of the event how we inherit trauma #1.

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