Open Space: Partizipation!

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What does participation mean in the art and culture sector? In the series Open Space: Participation! we will receive insights into the work of people who deal with participation in a keynote lecture. Afterwards there will be space for an open exchange among each other. We will talk about needs, structural barriers and what it means to shape something together.

Between equality and efficiency: In this issue we go into a practical discussion with Kollektiv Bindestrich. We talk from the perspective of cultural mediation about the question: What is the participatory in the collective and the collective in participation?

Kollektiv Bindestrich is a collective for cultural mediation with a focus on cultural education. Anna Keil, Esther Tusch, Sinja Lammers and Swarje Boekhoff share a common passion for mediation and cultural education and founded themselves in 2022 in the Hildesheim Master's programme in Cultural Mediation. In the Bindestrich collective, they combine their expertise in the fields of theatre, visual arts and literature and deal with a broad spectrum of topics.

In its mediation work, Kollektiv Bindestrich relies on a production-oriented approach: the engagement with the subject matter takes place through a practical activity beyond the usual everyday trajectories. This opens up new perspectives on themselves and their environment for the participants.
In order to stimulate exchange and to consciously explore their own perception and experience, Kollektiv Bindestrich leads with open questions. In their mediation work, Kollektiv Bindestrich also use analogue and digital techniques and tools that support the aesthetic experience.

Kollektiv Bindestrich (Anna Sophie Keil, Esther Theresa Tusch, Sinja Sophie Lammers, Swarje Lilly Boekhoff)