Textparcours/Triple Feature

Edgar Wallace: Das Volk mit der Maske

Focus: Fokus Blind Spots

based on motifs from the Edgar Wallace film adaptations

From 1959 to 1972, film versions of the crime novels by Edgar Wallace were box office hits in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The films, however, repeated norms and patterns that came from the era of National Socialism. At Burg Hülshoff, which could easily be the setting of a Wallace movie, this immersive performance, itself somewhere between text, video image,
concert, drinking game and wild chase, gives us the opportunity to do reflect on this very special German film tradition. Can we, today, in an era threatened by neo-fascism, learn something about ourselves by recapitulating these films?

by and with:
Jörg Albrecht
Lisa Danulat
Özlem Özgül Dündar
Michael Graessner
Anja Kreysing & Helmut Buntjer (schwarzweiss ist die bessere farbe)
Alina Schäfer
Philipp Wachowitz
Marcus Weidner
& Contributions from students of the M.A. Kulturpoetik, WWU Münster


Further information on the venue and type of event will follow soon.

Eine Produktion von Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature in Kooperation mit dem M.A. Kulturpoetik der WWU Münster und dem LWL-Institut für westfälische Regionalgeschichte.