The body precedes language: with eyes and ears, with hands and vocal chords. Language, meanwhile, not only describes the body. It inscribes itself into the body and continues to write it. Edits it according to the rules of the prevailing grammar. Shortens and reformulates it. Transcribes and catalogs its sound. Translates and breaks it down into its individual syntactic parts. Until the body, subjected to the grammars of foreign domination, threatens to turn from subject to object.

In written, visual and spoken language, the artist collective parallelgesellschaft negotiates the colonized body and its relationship to the ideological state apparatus of language. In the rooms of the permanent exhibition at Burg Hülshoff, the exhibition KÖRPER:SPRACHEN enters into a dialog with exhibits and visitors.

The exhibition is part of the project Schatten des Schattens: Sprache in (post)kolonialen Zeiten, a cooperation between Burg Hülshoff - Centre for Literature (CfL), the LWL Commission for Dialect and Name Research in Westphalia and the Institute of German Studies at the University of Münster, funded by the LWL Cultural Foundation as part of "POWR! Postcolonial Westphalia-Lippe" and the Sparkasse Münsterland Ost Foundation.