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No person is an island!

As an innovative literary institution, the Center for Literature sees itself less as a center of power than a point of contact. It works locally, regional, nationally as well as internationally and creates partnerships on all of these levels.

The Center for Literature is part of the network literaturland westfalen. Numerous literary institutions, initiatives and dedicated individuals have come together in this network to raise the public awareness of the quality and diversity of literature in and from Westphalia. Alongside three literature offices, the network also includes Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck in Oelde and theLiterature Commission for Westphalia.


The Center for Literature is also currently establishing a transnational production network. With partners including the house for literature Literaturhaus Lettrétage Berlin, Schauspielhaus Wien, Theater Rampe, the Dutch Center for Poetry in Nijmegen and unit Graz, the Center for Literature searches for new forms of literary events that combine performance and communication as well as the production of texts.

That is, we combine visions and resources and work together to close any gaps.