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Bicycle Routes

We’ll take a moment here to let you know about some of the most popular bicycle tour routes in the Münsterland region that follow the trail of Annette Droste zu Hülshoff. Discover the wonderful landscape on your own or over the course of a day tour offered by a tourism association.

Bicycling around Burg Hülshoff:

One of the loveliest ways to discover the landscape around Burg Hülshoff and the Münsterland is by bicycle. The even terrain surrounding Havixbeck, more than 4,500 kilometers of marked bicycle paths, a simple honeycomb structure with uniform signs and attractive themed routes, such as the 100 castles route, transform the Münster region into a paradise for cyclists.

Themed bicycle paths around Burg Hülshoff

Bike routes 98/196/81 of the Havixbeck traffic association - on the trail of Annette von Droste zu Hülshoff (starts in Havixbeck):

Far from busy streets, bike through the park landscape of the Münster region and the places where Annette von Droste zu Hülshoff lived and worked. On your way, take a look at the well-kept grounds of Haus Havixbeck. Bike along streams, through an old forest mire, to Burg Hülshoff, with its historical park and Droste Museum. After this, travel on historic paths to Haus Rüschhaus. On the way back, get to know the old monastery village of Hohenholte, where Droste zu Hülshoff used to especially like to visit...

Download bicycle routes 98/196/81

Baumberge sandstone route of the Nottuln district: Sandstone - the gold of the Münster region

On your tour through the Baumberge hills, you can see over 200 large and small structures built from the light Baumberge sandstone. These also include Burg Hülshoff.

Bicycle tour sandstone route

Do you use eBikes?

We have joined forces with the service initiative of Baumberge-Touristik and now offer a battery charging station for eBikes. While you take a break on your bicycle tour, enjoy a piece of cake with a great cup of coffee on the terrace or in our café/restaurant while we recharge your bike. Our charging station ensures that your battery is quickly ready for the next part of your tour through the Münster region.

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